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Design your own Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement! Welcome to Weddings South Coast! We hope you enjoy your experience, creating your digital scrapbook.

This 'Design your Wedding' function allows you to select from the extensive list of gorgeous locations and much needed services available in the Shoalhaven to make your destination wedding complete.

The "How To" ...

First step is to register with us to gain access to the design tools.

Enter your:

  • Name
  • Future Husband/Wife's name
  • Your wedding date
  • Email and Password

Upon registering you will receive an email asking that you confirm your registration. Once confirmed you will be allowed to login and let the fun begin.

Make a note: each time you return to the site, login first so that any changes you make are saved to your profile.

From the home page select your wedding theme: bush, beach, country.

Step two: select from the list of areas in the Shoalhaven that you are interested in.

Step three: now you will be presented with a list of Ceremony, Reception, Accommodation and Service operators available in that region. You can click on a provider to view their profile and contact details.

Use the left and right blue arrows at the sides of each list of providers to scroll back and forwards through the list.

Step four: if you like an operator and wish to add them to your scrapbook, drag and drop the provider image into the relevant area of the 'design you wedding' side bar on the right hand side of the webpage. Drag you selections into their corresponding slots: Ceremony, Reception, Accommodation, Services. If you change your mind, drag and drop the operator back into the list you captured it from. You can drag as many operators as you like.

Make a note: only the last dragged operator will be visible.

Step five: once you have made your selections click on 'Save my Selections' at the bottom of the side bar.

Make a note: you can come back at any time to make more selections. If you are not logged in you will asked to do so.

Now you will be redirected to your scrapbook. You're scrapbook will list all your selected operators. Click on each operator to view their details. Right click on an operator to remove them from your scrapbook. Select the beach/bush/country links to make further selections.

And lastly: you can also make notes using the 'My Notes' tab. Click on 'add notes' to add to your notes. Make to do lists, give yourself reminders, make notes on venues availability and anything else important for the big day. Further, under the 'My Maps' tabs is a map showing where all your selected providers are located which is fabulous for determining the timing from one venue to the next. Finally, should you wish to share your scrapbook with family and friends, select the "share (mail image) on the top left of your scrapbook and insert their name, email and a lovely message to greet them with and hit send. You will be taken back to your scrapbook page and at the top left it should read "email successfully sent".

We hope you enjoy your experience on the Weddings South Coast website. If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you all the best in the lead up!